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We believe God has blessed Gospelife so that we can be a blessing to our community and our world. And God has blessed you for the very same reason. Meant For More called our church family to take steps of faith. We began by asking, “What steps of faith can our church take in the next few years that will advance our mission to make, baptize, and teach followers of Jesus Christ?” So, we designed Meant For More to align our prayers, efforts, and resources around three goals.

  • Build new gathering space and accessible bathrooms at our Carol Stream Campus.
  • Give $1,000,000 to missions during 2023, 24, and 25.
  • Build worship space at our North Wheaton Campus.

How Can I Be a Part of Still Meant For More?

You are new to Gospelife and wonder, "What is the Meant For More campaign and how can I be part of it?” Meant For More invites all members and attendees of Gospelife Church to grow spiritually. Meant For More also asks our church family to commit financially to make our ministry goals a reality. So, we pray that God will INSPIRE you to make a financial commitment to M4M for the final two years of our campaign.
You committed to Meant For More a year ago but the last year has presented unexpected challenges. Maybe you faced a job change, or financial burdens. Stay resilient. Persevere. We ENCOURAGE you to stay the course with generosity. You will experience God’s faithfulness as you trust him. You are Still Meant For More.
You made your initial commitment to Meant For More a year ago. However, you have enjoyed growth in your faith or finances this last year. You sense the Lord inviting you to take an even bigger step of faith. Vicki and I have done that. We asked ourselves, “Are we still giving in a way that stretches our faith? Do we live and give like we are Meant For More?” Generosity is an ongoing journey, so God may challenge you to step out in faith with an increased financial commitment. We CHALLENGE you to consider increasing your M4M giving.
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