April 6+7
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The Way of the Cross is a powerful, interactive experience transporting you to the time of Jesus Christ.

In this performance you will take part in three monumental moments leading up to his crucifixion. First, is The Last Supper. You will sit with Jesus as a disciple and eat and drink his final meal. You will be there as Jesus institutes this practice that Christians have observed for thousands of years. Second, you will stand in the crowded courtyard of Pontius Pilot where Jesus is condemned by the people he came to save. Finally, you will accompany Jesus as he carries his cross toward Golgotha--the place where he was crucified.  

Our hope is that during The Way of the Cross you will see Jesus like never before. The events aren't mere stories, they really happened and have powerful meaning for our lives today. By the cross, our failures are not fatal. Because of the cross, our deaths are not final. For you and I, the cross is wonderful.  

**Please note, at the end of our service we will be depicting elements of the crucifixion, and while this won’t be graphic, it will be intense. If you choose not to have your children observe this portion of the service, there will be a designated area for you. The music will serve as a cue that the scene is over, and you’ll be welcomed back in at this time.

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